About US

Pango is the Māori word for black. Not only is black the national colour of New Zealand but in a Māori context, black is represented by the eternal void or potential.

Our values include:

Maia – courage to push the boundaries on story and subject
Whanaungatanga – connect, share and learn from people
from all walks of life
Rangatiratanga – a commitment to contribute to the ongoing
efforts to revitalise te reo me tikanga Māori
Manaakitanga – we care about making a real difference

Pango Productions Ltd is a Māori-owned television production company with a vision to be the leader in the way Māori are perceived locally and globally.

A story telling content company that aims to unlock the incredible potential that New Zealand holds. Pango Productions was co-founded by CEO, Bailey Mackey, (Ngāti Porou, Tuhoe, and Rongowhakaata descent) and Jonathan Ulrich.

Pango tells stories with heart. We work on projects that matter to us, we work on things we care about, and believe that doing what we love with courage will positively influence the way the world will see and engage
with Māori people and culture.