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Genre: Game Show

Series: 52 x 30 mins

Sidewalk Karaoke is Maori Television’s Number One show of 2016!

Sidewalk Karaoke is the all-new entertainment game show that literally, hits the streets. No contrived auditions – it’s the talent show that finds YOU with the chance of winning cold hard cash.

The format is simple, in the first round, for a $100, you choose a song and sing.  If our judging Sidewalk Karaoke app deems your score high enough, the cash is yours!  Round 2 – double or nothing for $200 but this time, we choose the song!  Round 3 – there’s a $1000 up for grabs but there’s a twist; our contestants have two minutes to convince a total stranger to sing a duet with them.

Angelo's Outdoor Kitchen

Genre: Adventure Cooking

Series:  10 x 30 mins


And this time he’s taking his outdoor kitchen from the mountains to the shores of his beloved New Zealand wilderness.

Each episode showcases the vivid beauty of New Zealand’s coastline and surrounding wilderness and includes foraging for delicious native herbs and ingredients to compliment his dishes, setting up a safe and responsible camp and cooking in the great outdoors.

We follow chef, restaurateur, and cooking personality Angelo Georgalli to a new remote location in New Zealand, ensuring the diversity of the landscape is showcased, the vitality and generosity of local Kiwi personalities is captured respectfully and engagingly, as he shows the world how to set up camp, forage for seasonal ingredients and prepare a selection of simple, mouth-watering dishes.

The abundance of natural, native, and seasonal ingredients found in New Zealand’s wilderness means Angelo has expanded his menu to include breakfast, lunch, dinner and even some sweet treats. He takes the audience on an amazing journey of real Kiwi food, culture, and the inherent ethos of New Zealanders to live and breathe the outdoors. Recipes in this series are easy to prepare, delicious to eat, and wholeheartedly good for you. 


Genre: Current Affairs

Series: 122 x 30 mins

Marae is a weekly Maori current affairs show on Television New Zealand’s TV One.  The program airs Sundays at 10:00am NZDT and is a bi-lingual show from a unique Māori world view for all New Zealanders. 

The Game Chef

Genre: Adventure Cooking

Series:  10 x 30 mins

Not for the faint of heart! In this brand new cooking series, successful restaurateur Angelo Georgalli hunts down and prepares his next meal. Set amongst the epic natural beauty of New Zealand’s Wanaka and Queenstown regions. Whilst this is a not a hunting show per say the Game Chef provides an insight into the ancient hunting technique of archery by following Angelo on the journey to shoot game using a bow and arrow. He then works his magic as a chef, and demonstrates how to cook his catch using recipes that are simple and creative. The stark beauty of Angelo’s hunting methods and the sumptuousness of his surroundings make this series a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach. Angelo Georgalli is an engaging character with broad appeal. His background of Greek, Italian and English invites confidence in his ability to mix different culinary styles, while his enthusiasm for fresh New Zealand produce and game is infectious. The Game Chef is an important addition to television’s cooking and food genre. It is informative and entertaining, while gently probing us to think about our place in the natural world. And all shot in some of the most breath-taking scenery on the planet!

Brown Eye

Genre: Satire News

Series: 13 x 30 mins

Brown Eye is a satire semi-topical news show that is unadulterated, opinionated and most importantly entertaining. It is a studio based programme that will deliver a mixture of clever monologue, intelligent interviews and lead insightful panel discussions on the biggest topics impacting all of New Zealand.

Produced by Taika Waititi (who will also appear in the show) and Bailey Mackey - an award-winning duo who between them have amassed an amazing track record of communicating Maori content to large broad audiences. 


Genre: Sports Entertainment

Series: 25 x 60 minutes

Hosted by ex-Tall Black Brendon Pongia joined each week by a panel of current and former sports stars, PLAY is a sports show with personality, wit and humour. When you want what’s hot in sport just press PLAY.

Te Matatini

Genre: Competition

Series:  92 x 30 mins

Every two years, Te Matatini organises the Te Matatini National Kapa Haka Festival, where top kapa haka teams from New Zealand and Australia compete for the honour of being crowned the best of the best. The festival started in 1972 and is now the world’s largest celebration of Māori traditional performing arts, attracting over 30,000 performers, supporters and visitors. For more information go to www.tematatini.co.nz

Happy Hour

Genre: Entertainment

Series:  8 x 60 mins

Happy Hour is a light entertainment show combining variety performance, guest interviews, satire, and comedy sketches. Shot in front of a live studio audience, this new series is hosted by celebrated New Zealand actors Temuera Morrison (Once Were Warriors)and Keisha Castle-Hughes (Whale Rider and Game of Thrones) along side alternative radio-host Thane Kirby. The multi-talented Modern Maori Quartet (Francis Kora, Maaka Pohatu, James Tito and Matariki Whatarau) are the in-house band, providing glorious vocal accompaniment to Morrison, as well as injecting some fresh flavour into Kiwi song classics and delivering their own soulful spin on international hits. Appearing with Morrison and the Modern Maori Quartet in the comedy sketches are seasoned performers Cohen Holloway and Miriama McDowell; have a giggle as they lead you through the world of New Zealand soap operas, reprise Morrison’s worst auditions, and introduce you to the nation’s most hopeless gang. Happy Hour is a series with a unique Kiwi comedic twist that has something for everyone.